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Kingdom Token will be available to purchase on OpenSea. See Buy Tokens for full details.

There are two ways of obtaining animal tokens. You can purchase a 'Random Animal Pack' at anytime...
Or you can wait for a specific species to be listed on OpenSea.


Before any species is made available to purchase via the marketplace they need to be discovered. 

Endangered species are illusive creatures, often hiding away from mankind. Therefore we must embark upon an expedition of discovery in order to identify, log and distribute.

These safari events will precursor any release of tokens. There is a Safari schedule on this page! You can also follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter to see the results of the safari event as soon as they happen.

As an example, on a typical safari we might discover: 

3 Amur Leopards, 10 Black Rhinos, 15 African Wild Dogs, 15 Galapagos Penguins, 20 Iberian Lynx and 25 Red Pandas.

These select tokens will be available to purchase via the marketplace (OpenSea) until sold out.

More tokens will be made available after the next Safari event. 

So, don't miss the opportunity to become a WARDEN OF THE SPECIES when they become available. These animals/tokens are rare, scarce and highly sought after.

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Sun, Nov 17
Don those safari hats we're going on an adventure! What will we find?!
Sun, Oct 20
Another journey into the unknown... What tokens will be unearthed next?
Sun, Oct 06
We embark upon on our very first journey of discovery.