Kingdom Token. ERC 721

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Kingdom Token will be available to purchase on OpenSea. See Buy Tokens for full details.


We're delighted to offer 'Random Token Packs" to supporters! 

By choosing to buy a Random Token Pack you will receive one random animal from the list of 86 species.

To make this even more exciting, the probability of receiving a specific species is not based on how scarce the token is, instead the probability to receive each species is the same! 1 in 86. As a result, this is an phenomenal opportunity to secure rare (and potentially valuable) tokens at super value!  

You can buy a Random Token Pack at anytime for 0.1 ETH. (see below to buy now). It's worth keeping in mind, when we discover a critically endangered species on a safari event, the auction for that token starts at 0.2 ETH! Open your pack today and imagine getting a Bengal Tiger!

We are also offering a Three Token Random Pack that offers even better value. At 0.25 ETH for three tokens, that's just 0.83 ETH per animal token! This is the best way to start your endangered species collection!  

Remember, we donate 25% of all initial sales to wildlife conservation charities. 

Make an investment, make a difference with Kingdom Token.