One Random Animal Token Pack


Receive one random animal token of any conservation status. The odds for every species are the same, thus making this an excellent opportunity to secure a rare token for superb value.


Ensure that you provide your public ETH address (0x.....) so we can send you the token. You are able to supply this on checkout. 


DO NOT PROVIDE an ETH address provided by Coinbase. Coinbase is a custody service. Ensure that you provide the public ETH address of a wallet that you have control over, ensure that you have your own private key to access your wallet.


Tokens are minted in batches every other day and subsequently distributed to customers. So, if you don't get your token immediately there is no need to worry. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at:

Kingdom Token. ERC 721

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Connect with the Founder: David Haynes

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Kingdom Token will be available to purchase on OpenSea. See Buy Tokens for full details.