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Species List

Kingdom Token uses real world data to map the scarcity of the tokens.


Kingdom Token uses the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ is the world's most comprehensive inventory of the global conservation status of plant and animal species. It uses a set of quantitative criteria to evaluate the extinction risk of thousands of species. These criteria are relevant to most species and all regions of the world. With its strong scientific base, The IUCN Red List is recognized as the most authoritative guide to the status of biological diversity.

The IUCN Red List Categories define the extinction risk of species assessed. Nine categories extend from NE (Not Evaluated) to EX (Extinct).

Critically Endangered (CR), Endangered (EN) and Vulnerable (VU) species are considered to be threatened with extinction.

More information about The IUCN Red List Categories can be found here


You can find the full species list below with their respective total tokens. Click on the green link to see pictures, detailed information and how to purchase tokens.

There are 86 total species;17 are critically endangered, 26 are endangered, 31 are vulnerable, 7 near threatened, 3 least concern and 2 extinct.

We have included the two extinct species to highlight the dire need and urgency for conservation efforts to protect our creatures.

Amur Leopard (750 total tokens)

Asiatic Cheetah (1000 total tokens)

Addax(1500 total tokens)

Black Rhino (750 total tokens)

European Mink (1500 total tokens)

Eastern Lowland 'Silverback' Gorilla (1000 total tokens)

Hawksbill Turtle (750 total tokens)

Malayan Tiger (750 total tokens)

Chinese Pangolin (750 total tokens)

Pygmy Sloth (1250 total tokens)

Sumatran Elephant (1000 total tokens)

Philippine eagle (1250 total tokens)

Sumatran Orangutan (1000 total tokens)

Kakapo (1000 total tokens)

Sumatran Tiger (750 total tokens)

Red Wolf (1000 total tokens)

Blue-throated macaw (1500 total tokens)

Beluga (4500 total tokens)

Greater Sage-Grouse (4500 total tokens)

Jaguar (4500 total tokens)

Mountain Plover (4500 total tokens)

Plains Bison (4500 total tokens)

Pallas's cat (4500 total tokens)

White Rhino (4500 total tokens)

African Wild Dog (2000 total tokens)

Amur Tiger (1500 total tokens)

Egyptian vulture (2000 total tokens)

Aye-Aye (2000 total tokens)

Ili pika (1750 total tokens)

Bengal Tiger (1750 total tokens)

Black-footed Ferret (2000 total tokens)

Blue Whale (2000 total tokens)

Serendib scops owl (1750 total tokens)

Borneo Pygmy Elephant (2000 total tokens)

Chimpanzee (2000 total tokens)

Galápagos Penguin (2000 total tokens)

Red slender loris (1750 total tokens)

Green Turtle (2000 total tokens)

Golden-headed lion tamarin (2000 total tokens)

White-headed lemur (2000 total tokens)

Iberian lynx (1750 total tokens)

Sun parakeet (2000 total tokens)

Whooping crane (2000 total tokens)

Andean mountain cat (1750 total tokens)

Gray Whale (2000 total tokens)

Masai giraffe (2000 total tokens)

Red Panda (1750 total tokens)

Silvery Gibbon (2000 total tokens)

Sri Lankan Elephant (2000 total tokens)

Whale Shark (2000 total tokens)

African Elephant (4000 total tokens)

Koala (3000 total tokens)

Snowy owl (3500 total tokens)

Dugong (4000 total tokens)

Dingo (4000 total tokens)

Bearcat (3000 total tokens)

Giant armadillo (3000 total tokens)

Giant Panda (2500 total tokens)

Eastern imperial eagle (4000 total tokens)

Giant anteater (4000 total tokens)

Galapagos Tortoise (3500 total tokens)

Great White Shark (4000 total tokens)

Greater One-Horned Rhino (4000 total tokens)

Biak lorikeet (4000 total tokens)

Hippopotamus (4000 total tokens)

Leatherback Turtle (4000 total tokens)

Lion (4000 total tokens)

Fossa (3500 total tokens)

Oncilla (4000 total tokens)

Beaudouin's snake eagle (4000 total tokens)

Clouded Leopard (3000 total tokens)

Golden bandicoot (4000 total tokens)

Nilgiri marten (3500 total tokens)

Marine Iguana (4000 total tokens)

Marbled polecat (4000 total tokens)

Polar Bear (4000 total tokens)

Sloth bear (4000 total tokens)

Sun Bear (4000 total tokens)

Spectacled bear (4000 total tokens)

Snow Leopard (2500 total tokens)

Southern rockhopper penguin (4000 total tokens)

Caracal (6000 total tokens)

Eurasian lynx (6000 total tokens)

Arctic Fox (6000 total tokens)

Tasmanian tiger (100 total tokens)

Dodo (100 total tokens)